Founded in 1921, Soroptimist is a worldwide organisation for women in
management and professions working through service projects
to advance human rights and the status of women.

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Latest Updates

SI San Fernando hosts Golf Tournament

April 3, 2011. SI San Fernando wishes to thank all the sponsors who very generously contributed to the success of their 9th Annual Golf Tournament. View photos, sponsors and results

Annual General Meetings on Soroptimists April/May Calendar

April 2011.  During the month of April, Clubs worldwide conduct their Annual General Meetings.  The outcomes of these meetings impact representation at national,  regional, and federation levels, as well as activities at Federation and International levels.  SI San Fernando and SI Chaguanas have had their AGMs and new Club Executives have been appointed.  New Presidents are now installed as follows: SI San Fernando, Sabita Harrikissoon-Bissessar and SI Chaguanas, Christine Cole.  In the coming days and weeks, the remaining clubs will have their AGMs which have to be completed before the National Association AGM scheduled for June 25.  The Club Pages have details of the full executive for the 2011-2012 term, and the Club President's plans for her term.  Sponsors and interested persons who may wish to participate in one of these activities can contact the Club President for details.  

Soroptimists In Trinidad and Tobago Anticipate International Convention in Montreal, Canada

April 2011.  On July 10, 2011, Soroptimists in Trinidad and Tobago will join thousands of Soroptimists from clubs around the world at the quadrennial international convention in Montreal Canada.  Every four years this grand meeting is held to review the quandrennial programme for the work of the origanization in consultation with the UN.  This year there will be three conferences for regional soroptimists - SI Convention in July, Caribbean Network Conference in Barbados in August and Federation Conference in October in Brighton, England. More information on the SI International Convention.

Celebrating 100 years of International Women's Day

March 2011. The annual Women's Day Celebration in 2011 was filled with many activities, celebrations and recognitions as the day achieved its 100th Birthday.  On March 01, we joined the InterClub in a celebratory Breakfast Meeting, where the feature address was given by the Honourable Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar. On March 04, all Club Presidents attended a tea at the Diplomatic Cemter, hosted by the Prime Minister.  Later on after the Carnival weekend, we joined the Network of NGOS, and Friends of the Commonwealth to acknowledge Women As Agents of Change. Two Soroptimists received awards for their unendng work.  Norma Innis for her work in championing the awareness of Alzheimer's in our country , and Nester Patrick for her work in the Soroptimist organizaion. Go to the UN site for additional information on International Women's Day activities. 

SI Newtown - Trinidad and Tobago's Newest Club

November 2010. SI Newtown was given its instruments of charter on November 06, 2010 by Federation President Liz Morgan-Lewis.  It was her first official visit following her installation as Federation President a week before.  SI Newtown, the baby of the family is the first club of its type in the federation.  All the members are bright young professional women, and two of the members are daughters of well seasoned Soroptimists.

Soroptimists In Trinidad and Tobago Elect New National Association Executive

June 2010.  On June 26, 2010, Soroptimists in Trinidad and Trinidad and Tobago elected a new National Association Executive at the National Association Annual General Meeting held in Tobago.  President Glenda Charles-Harris from the SI Port of Spain Club will take up her chain of office at the annual SIGBI Federation Conference in November in Manchester, England. All Presidents of National Associations, Regions throughout the the Federation will be given their chain of office at which point they will be officially in their role.  The new executive will meet in Trinidad following the Federation Conference.

SI St. Augustine Celebrates 25th Anniversary

March 2010.  On  March 20, 2010, Soroptimist International of St. Augustine celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a Thanksgiving Service and luncheon on March 20th 2010.  The event was attended by the Club’s Patron – First Lady Dr. Jean Ramjohn-Richards and other Soroptimist Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago. President Suzanne Roach in welcoming all present specially thanked their special guest, Her Excellency, for accepting their invitation.  The First Lady, as Patron was no stranger to Soroptimism and likewise, no stranger to SI St. Augustine’s activities, having sojourned with them at the 2007 Mother’s Day event at the Women’s Prison in Arouca.  Her Excellency’s active involvement and participation in their outreach (programmes) underscored her passion and commitment to the tenets of the Soroptimist Movement.  Other attendees, the Club’s twenty current members, several past members, the presidents and members of SI Port-of-Spain, SI Chaguanas, SI San Fernando, SI Scarborough, the proposed SI Newtown (Trinidad), Father Dr. Steve West and the members of the Holy Saviour Anglican Parish were celebrated for sharing in this significant milestone.

International Women's Day, March 08, 2010 "Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all"

February 2010.  United Nations has declared March 08, 2010 as International Women's Day.  This is a significant day for Soroptimists everywhere as the Latin origins of the word Soroptimist - Soror (Sister) Optima (Best) - Best of Sisters later to become Best for Women, lies at the heart of the organization. The UN theme for 2010 is: Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all ... Soroptimists in Trinidad and Tobago will celebrate on their own as clubs, or partner with other NGOs in Trinidad and Tobago in events of service, awareness and recognition.  Soroptimist International has consultative status with the UN and the SI President is based at the UN Headquarters in New York. Go to the UN site for additional information.

Soroptimists Worldwide Get Ready for Saturday of Service, March 06, 2010

February 2010.  On March 06, 2010, Soroptimists all over the world will give of themselves in an annual event - Saturday of Service acknowledged on the first Saturday in March.  It coincidentally is very close to International Women's Day, and in some instances two acknowledgements take place.  All Soroptimists will participate in their own way in this,  the foundation of the movement - to give service to others. Women and their daughers, who are encouraged to participate in events such as these will conduct activities that will,  in some  small way or a very significant way - improve the lives of women and girls everywhere.

National Association President's Message

December 2009.   At the Annual General Meeting of the National Association of Clubs of Trinidad and Tobago, Agnes Webbe was installed as President.  Trinidad and Tobago currently has five (5) clubs in its national membership and President Agnes who is a member of the Scarborough Club, heads an Executive comprised of members from most of the clubs.  » read more

Award of Busary at UWI

Sept 2009.  For the third year running, clubs of the National Association of Trinidad and Tobago, gave funds towards the Berenice Dolly/Lorna Rigsby Busary at the UWI at St. Augustine. Berenice Dolly and Lorna Rigsby were founding members of the first Soroptimists clubs in Trinidad.  The bursary is awarded to a young woman enrolled at the University pursuing her studies, and who will benefit from the additional support.  Candidates are interviewed by the UWI Administration, prior to the award.  Recipients are invited to Soroptimists events, to gain first hand knowledge of the work of the clubs and their members and perhaps in the future join one of the clubs.

Chartering of SI Chaguanas

August 24, 2009.  It was a memorable day in the history of Soroptimists in Trinidad and Tobago as a new club was chartered by Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) President Carwen Wynne-Howels at a gala ceremony at Gaston Court, Chaguanas on Friday August 22, 2009.  This culminated approximately twelve months of work by the SI of the Caribbean Network (SICN) Extension Officer, and the mother club SI San Fernando.  Proposed Club, SI Chaguanas ( and its proposed members) had to complete a series of activities, from fundraising, to community projects as well as recruiting prospective members as part of a rigourous, but exciting preparatory period.  The President of Trinidad and Tobago, the Honourable Maxwell Richards and Dr. Jean Ramjohn Richards, participated in the program of activites that make up the Chartering Ceremony.  Interim President Marilyn Crichlow, was given the chain of office following her installation as President, of the new club.  She and her new Executive have an exciting, and fulfilling future ahead of them. 

SI Port of Spain Celebrates 50 years of Soroptimism

January 2009.  SI Port of Spain celebrated their golden anniversay in January 2009, and  the achievement also marked the anniversary of Soroptimists in the Caribbean.  In 1959, the first Soroptimist Club in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Caribbean was chartered.  This marked a significant milestone for women in the Caribbean and charter members included Parlimentarian Lillias Wight, and Audrey Jeffers.  SI Port of Spain then went on to charter SI San Fernando, and the rest is now history.  The year of celebration began with an exhibition of photographs and memorobilia at the foyer of the National Library in Port of Spain.  Dr. Roach of the Ministry of Social Development Gender Affairs, gave the feature address.  Many other events are planned throughout the remainder of the year to celebrate the anniversary.