SI San Fernando



Welcome to SI San Fernando.  We have been providing service to improve the lives of women and girls and their families in San Fernando and the southern region since 1962.  We have major projects and activities that span various demographics, age groups, and cachement areas and have evolved over the years to meet the needs of our community.  Our membership comprises of business and professional women from various academic, technical and vocational areas.  We use our skills and talents to assist those who deserve an opportunity to improve their living conditions, achieve their educational goals, as well as deliver educational messages to stemm the tide of issues and challenges facing our communities such as HIV/AIDS, Smoking, and the harmful effects to our environment. We use funds raised through funraisers, or through donor contributions, as well as our own resources to make our contributions through our Programme Action Activities.  In addition many of us are supported by the companies we are employed with, and in some instances partnerships are forged to deliver the work and programs we make to our society.

In 2012, SI San Fernando will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee, 50th Anniversary.  Many events are planned,  and many outreach activities and projects are destined to benefit many disadvantaged persons in the southern part of Trinidad.  In addition educational and awareness activities will be done as part of the public awareness activities we complete.

Check the site for additional information and contact us if you wish to participate or support these events.

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Club Details

Soroptimist International of San Fernando
Date Chartered:
23rd November 1962
Monthly Business Meeting:
1st Wednesday of Month 5:00pm

Postal Address:
c/o Shangri La
Sixth Street Gopaul Lands
San Fernando
Trinidad, West Indies

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Fundraising Chair

Each club has a Chair for co-ordination of all fundraising activities.  

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Friendship Links


Our Friendship Link with SI Mayfair sadly ended last year.  SI Mayfair folded and members went on to other clubs in thir neighbourhoods.  Just recently a product of the friendship link was inducted into the club.  We are pursuing new links and hope to have one soon established with SI St. Albans.

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Make Education a Family Matter

Education of Children is the responsibility of all family members, parents and siblings. Just as babies have routines, young children and teenagers need routines and guidelines for success in their educational pursuits. SI SAN Fernando developed this simple guide that is used by many schools in the southern region as part of the schools registration process for secondary level.

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Good Relationships/Bad Relationships

Which one are you in? Good Relationships are blessings, and Bad Relationships are destructive. Many signs of bad relationships go un-noticed or are accepted due to peer pressure. THINK is a bookmark for tweens, teenagers, and young adults to help them identify and practice good relationship habits and also to be aware of the signs of a bad relationship and seeks help. SI SAN Fernando is committed to stemming the signs of domestic violence.

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