Project: Ongoing Support For An Ill Family

There is an immediate need for assistance to families in need throughout our region and society. SI Chaguanas identified and reached out to an entire family whose members suffer from a rare and debilitating disease called ataxia. Five family members are unable to walk properly and some are almost bedridden. SI Chaguanas took the opportuntiy to develop a bond of love and friendship with this family to help them cope with their challenges.

  • In October 2010, a family member celebrated her birthday and SI Chaguanas was there to bring cheer and happiness and celebrate with her.
  • In November 2010, two grandchildren were taken to the doctor by SI member Aletia Alleyne to determine the status of their health with relation to the heriditary disease.
  • In February 2011, one family member's job was terminated with no benefits as she could no longer work. SI Chaguanas is following up with the Social Welfare Department for assistance.
  • In March 2011, SI members accompanied a family member on an outing to the Chaguaramas Beach Facility.
  • In April 2011, SI Chaguanas again intervened, carrying a family member for an MRI.
  • The club is currently looking at assisting the family with other necessary equipment such as walkers.

SI Chaguanas continues to offer its assistance ans support to the family. Every effort will be made to access services and equipment for them so that their lives can be made more comfortable.


Project: Literacy

SI Chaguanas identified the need for a literacy programme for students attending secondary school to develop a solid reading foundation in children.

The programme was first piloted in the Chaguanas South Secondary School and expanded earlier this year to the Chaguanas North Secondary School.  The most recent programme ended in March 2011, at which thirty-two students successfully completed the programme of work.

It was noted by the tutor that there was a marked improvement in students' spelling and reading skills. They also developed greater self-confidence and were motivated to continue reading.

This programme will be ongoing and more students will be encouraged to join in the future.


Project: Clean Up and Beautification

SI Chaguanas joined the rest of the country in Clean Up and Beautification Day, June 27, 2010 by partnering with the Chaguanas Borough Corporation in the Felicity area. The ladies met at 8am at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation's offices and were on site by 9am, armed with gloves and garbage bags.

The clean-up programme commenced at Markhan Street and extended to Nolan Street in Felicity. Four trucks of garbage were collected and removed from the area.

It is hoped that this exercise will continue so that citizens will become aware of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.


Project: Educating Teens About HIV/AIDS

Research has shown that there is an increasing number of HIV/AIDS patients among our youth. SI Chaguanas decided to do its part by raising awareness about the disease.

A presentation was co-ordinated at the Waterloo High School in November 2010 by a public health educator. The target group was Sixth Form students. Two hundred students attended the lecture.

The club will continue on its path to educate the youth about developing healthy lifestyles.


Project: Raising Awareness About Domestic Violence

Many of our students are exposed to some kind of abuse. The objective of this lecture was to educate students on how to identify an abuser, what is abuse and what are some corrective measures that can be taken when in an abusive situation.

In November 2010, a lecture on domestic violence was conducted at the Chaguanas North Secondary School with Form Six students. Ms. Afiya Ray-Butler, author of "Voices", presented on domestic violence and child abuse, which was well received.

SI Chaguanas continues its educational programmes to assist our young people in making healthy and positive changes to their lives and so help in changing the ills in our society to make this world a happier place for our women and children.


Project: Legal Advisory and Mediation Clinics

Legal advisory and mediation services are very expensive to access. With this in mind, SI Chaguanas offered these services in our rurla communities.

In May 2010, the first of these clinics was held at a community temple in Felicity and a second was held in October 2010 at the Mt Carmel RC Church at St. Mary's junction, Freeport. A third clinic will be held in Cunupia in June 2011.


Project: Christmas Music In the Park

SI Chaguanas set out to showcase the talents of schoolchildren in the Central area at the Saith Park bandstand in December 2010 with its production of "Christmas Music in the Park".

Among the schools featured, who came from near and far to perform carols and parang, were:

  • Tabaquite RC Primary School
  • Brasso RC Primary School
  • Presentation College, Chaguanas
  • Longdenville Government Primary School
  • Carapichaima RC Primary School
  • Warrenville Presbyterian School
  • Chaguanas North Secondary School
  • Dow Village Government Primary School