Saturday Of Service

This was held on Saturday 15th March, 2008, at the Shangri La Home for the Aged, Gopaul Lands, Marabella.  It was hosted for the caregivers who work at the Home and was held from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. followed by lunch.  It took the form of brief presentations made by members of the Club and other resource persons. The presenters were Soroptimists: Roma Thompson, Cherryl Koon How, Sabita Harrikissoon (Dental Care),  and Terry da Silva( Blood Pressure and Sugar Testing), as well as resource persons  Ms. Alison Legall  and Mrs. Nanan, who spoke on Care of the Feet and Occupational Activities of the Elderly respectively.

The female residents were treated to some pampering and a ‘makeover’ courtesy Sacha Cosmetics.  They were also presented with toiletries courtesy Glaxo Smith-Kline Pharmaceuticals. Members of the Club were present to attend to the needs of the residents while their caregivers attended the brief lectures.  


Make Education a Family Matter

Education of Children is the responsibility of all family members, parents and siblings. Just as babies have routines, young children and teenagers need routines and guidelines for success in their educational pursuits. SI SAN Fernando developed this simple guide that is used by many schools in the southern region as part of the schools registration process for secondary level.

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Good Relationships/Bad Relationships

Which one are you in? Good Relationships are blessings, and Bad Relationships are destructive. Many signs of bad relationships go un-noticed or are accepted due to peer pressure. THINK is a bookmark for tweens, teenagers, and young adults to help them identify and practice good relationship habits and also to be aware of the signs of a bad relationship and seeks help. SI SAN Fernando is committed to stemming the signs of domestic violence.

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